The Company

Solutions Empire is an authorized Factory Distributor of HYLA North America. Our team is an industry-leading organization that distributes air and room cleaning systems across the northeast region. Since 2015 Solutions Empire LLC has partnered with our product company that is globally known in over 70 different countries since 1990, with our world-renowned product line we have helped thousands of customers across the northeast region create and maintain a healthy clean home.

Our Story

Our veteran-owned and operated company works hard to ensure that every single contact we have with our community is an amazing experience that can change someone’s life. Whether you are a consumer who is looking for a better way to maintain a clean and healthy home or someone that is looking for an outstanding opportunity to earn the career they’ve dreamed about, we hope to be the solution that you have been looking for.

Proudly Serving Central NY Since 2015

Since 2015, the Solutions Empire brand has been synonymous with clean and healthy air. With operations in over 70 countries worldwide, homeowners across the globe have relied on the EST to get the most out of their household cleaning. Binding dust particles with water, the EST provides 99.9% cleaner breathing air in homes.

Solutions Empire LLC in Liverpool, NY , brings this incredible technology of the EST to Central New York as the Center of Excellence in the Northeast region. Developed in 1990, the EST was born out of a need for improved health. One of the co-founders at HYLA, seeing his wife suffer from constant coughing and sneezing caused by dust allergies stirred up during cleaning, sought to make a better machine for vacuuming. The EST was created as a solution to clean the air while you clean your home.