Better Home Air

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor pollution is the #1 environmental health problem in North America and the air in our homes is 7 to 100 times more polluted than the air outside! Effective cleaning can help improve indoor air quality.

Natural Clean

Experience the revolution in cleaning with HYLA, where we harness the natural power of water to redefine traditional cleaning methods. Unlike conventional vacuums that rely on filters and bags, HYLA uses water as its filtration medium, ensuring a more efficient and thorough cleaning process. With our system, there's no need to handle messy filters; the water effortlessly captures and contains particles, simplifying the cleaning routine and promoting a more convenient and health-conscious lifestyle.

It's a Lifestyle

Cleaning with HYLA is not just a task, it's transforming your living space into a haven of freshness. Embracing the HYLA experience goes beyond the conventional notion of cleaning – it becomes a mindful choice to elevate the quality of air you breathe and the ambiance you inhabit. It's a commitment to a healthier home and a sustainable environment.

  • Thomas F

    Awesome product, have had my HYLA for 7+ years, and am still amazed at the cleaning ability of this thing! Not only does it work great on the floors but it makes the home smell nice too! Would highly recommend, well worth the investment. Mike, the owner, has been really easy to work with and accommodating in helping get refills for the essential oils and sanitizer.

  • Josh G

    "It is absolutely amazing! We are always cleaning our house. To see all the stuff that came out of our carpets and floors. All I could keep saying is "that is disgusting." You definitely need to get one of these. Breathing and cleaning is going to get better every time we use it. Thank you for giving us a healthier home"