Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase HYLA products online?

The answer is simple, you cannot. Since the beginning the HYLA EST is sold ONLY through in-home demonstrations, all other sales are strictly prohibited and will not be covered under factory warranties. Your home is your home and comes with its own cleaning challenges. That’s exactly why a product like the EST is best demonstrated in the actual environment in which it will be used. During a free in-home presentation, a trained representative will show you how a HYLA EST will make your housework quicker, easier, and more efficient. They can also answer any questions you have in order to make a well-educated decision, as opposed to an impulse decision most consumers make in a store or over the internet. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase.

How does the EST differ from other air cleaning products?

The EST uses water to clean the air, just like mother nature intended from the beginning. With its 5 stage geyser separator, it can remove up to 99.9% of all particulates that are in the air. Other cleaners use paper filters, HEPA filters, or bags. All of them hold bacteria and dust. We keep the dust in the water where it can’t fly, the others relocate the dust around the home.

Does an EST purchase include a warranty? What does the warranty cover?

Every HYLA EST purchased from an authorized factory distributor comes with a 10-year factory warranty on the motor unit and a 2-year factory warranty on the attachments. With that, we include a Lifetime Factory Rebuild Policy and a Lifetime Service and Labor Warranty. 

Do you have any financing options?

We accept cash, check, and every major credit card. But we also know that life is life and not every time someone sees the EST for the first is the perfect time for them to pay with one of those methods. For that very reason, we offer several financing options that make the purchase of the EST as easy as using it to clean the home!

How long does an in home demonstration typically take?

This question can have 100 different answers but to simply put it, our machine cleans 1500 square feet of air in 35 minutes. We answer every question you have and try to make the viewing experience special for everyone that checks out our products. We are conscious of your time and everyone is different. We have places to be and so do you!  

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment right on our website or you can call us at our office.

Does Solutions Empire LLC display their products at any trade shows?

We strive to be in every vendor event that Central New York has to offer. Check out our upcoming events page and see where we’ll be headed next!

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